Minardi Italian Handmade

Passion , creativity and simplicity are the ingredients of Minardi Belts , makers of unique leather products for the world of fashion and luxury .

Minardi Belts laboratory & workshop born in the 2013 after many years of experience in art works on many different projects.
The idea of opening the “Bespoke Minardi Lab” comes from its founder : Paolo Minardi Calbi, an eclectic artist that wanted to create a lab with the purpose of share and push the Italian Excellence in the world of Luxury.

After a work experience with a famous “Ambassador of Luxury” Paolo Minardi decides that is time to start to create the Brand and unique collections of handmade products such as belts, handbags and many other accessories for a world where beauty and design are part of every person’s life.
Minardi Belts has many Customers in Italy and worldwide thanks to its unique style and bespoke products.

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