How to Purchase Designer Clothing on Sale - 4 basic and simple rules

Posted by Karyn White on Dec 24th 2017

The quality of our clothes is in decline, as we know, the reason is a global fashion system that makes fast production and a cheap price tag a main priority. We shop constantly, and always want more new stuff, creating a culture of disposable, low-quality clothes.

To break this destructive cycle for us (for our health and wallet) and the planet as a whole, we have to know what to look for when we’re shopping to buy better clothes that will last us longer. The reality is that many of us just don’t.

Focus on the basic rules for online shopping:

1. Fabric — is it made of cheap polyester and acrylic, or cashmere and silk? Natural fabrics wrinkle less, hang better, drape nicely. Just check the composition. Oh! If this mysterious reduction WV, CO, SE.. are not clear, keep a Composition Chart handy.

2. Craftsmanship — where was it made? Is it tailored well? Are all the stitches perfect and straight? Just check where it was produced. Today, ‘Made in’ labeling is also an indicator of the regulations and health, safety and wage standards under which a good item was produced. Pay attention if a tag has a mark "Imported". You know there are brands with little or no ‘made in’ disclosure on their web product pages and no hint of production in heritage countries.

For example, Armani declares ‘Made in Italy’ for Giorgio Armani and ‘Imported’ for Armani Jeans; Ralph Lauren declares ‘Made in Italy’ for Ralph Lauren Collection and ‘Imported’ for Polo Ralph Lauren; Tommy Hilfiger declares "Made in Italy" for Tommy Hilfiger Collection and "Imported" for Tommy Hilfiger. Any chance - check the composition.

3. Style aesthetic of the piece. Care less about trends, more about style. Fashion is transient, whereas style is more stable. Fashion changes but good style doesn’t. By sticking to classic shapes and styles, you won’t have to worry about your supposedly “great deal” languishing in the back of your closet.

4. Look at the price only after you have determined what you would pay for such an item. Conscious clothing, affordable luxury, wouldn't break your bank account. Knowing a little more about how branding works and where to scope out the best deals can help you fill your closet with your favorite brands on the cheap. Subscribe to our news to find out more.

Be Stylish and Conscious. Invest in better quality basics which will last years instead of buying disposable clothing. As a fashion retailer, we want to motivate people to focus on quality and keep an eye on price. Check our collection of Ermanno ScervinoGuy LarocheKarl Lagerfeld - give strength to your wardrobe.



Does 'Made in' matter? - The Business of Fashion, by Luca Solca

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