New Generation Outlet –

New Generation Outlet –

Posted by Karyn White special for on Nov 5th 2017

Team of FashionResPublica talks about their concept and why they are so different.

- What makes you different from other outlets?

Originally outlet stores were created to sell damaged or used items with huge discounts. Nowadays, a lot of brands have separate factories in countries of the third world for the production of clothing and apparel specifically for outlets and discount stores. As a Luxury Outlet FashionRespublica has a different philosophy and approach. FashionRespublica does not sell items made specifically for the outlets. All our products are designed for corporate official boutiques and come to us as the stock at the end of the season.
For example, at you can buy Galliano bags, men's clothing from Gauthier and Balmain and other top brands labeled "Made in Italy".

We created an outlet that sells items of high quality, produced in Italy, Spain, France by well-known brands. Also other than selling top brands we are happy to offer products made by artisans, factories who are well-known for their quality and history of their names.

- Who is your customer?
FashionRespublica customers are not just fans of labels and brand names, our shoppers appreciate smart shopping that includes quality, price, and design altogether. Our customers can combine key pieces from previous seasons, exclusive handmade items and make it look stunning.

- Do Consumers Really Save?

We offer up to 70% off for such brands as Guy Laroche, Pierre Balmain, Gattinoni, Lagerfeld and much more... You can compare prices on for example and you can make sure that our price is the best.

- Is it possible to save even more while shopping at

If you want to get extra sales, you can sign up for our newsletter. By doing so you can find all fashion pieces your heart desires, before anyone else.

- What is the difference between FashionRespublica Online Outlet from a walk-in outlet?
Our mission is to tell shoppers openly about the origins of the products we are selling.
Every item at our online outlet shows "Made in". The most of our products are made in Italy and shipped to customers from warehouses in Italy. Also, our brand list includes names of designers and artisans that regular outlets do not have.

"FashionRespublica as a Luxury outlet really believes in a customer service," says co-founder Tina. "You can contact us with a wish list and we'll keep track of it for you, and when the item comes in, we'll call or email you."

- Why Italy?

Our team considers Italy as a one big fashion lab, that is constantly working hard on inventing new trends and styles but always carries high standards. That is why „Made in Italy“ also stands for transparency and sustainability in manufacturing. And that is what makes us different from other fashion outlets.